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Cylindrical Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collectors

Used when the pressure or vacuum on the vessel is upwards of 30" water gauge, something that occurs when the application is pneumatic conveying, central vacuum cleaning or when explosion protection must be added.

  • Central vacuum cleaning systems,

  • Pneumatic conveying systems, and

  • Sanitary food and drug requirements.

  • In the first two cases, the high vacuums required make it more economical to fabricate as a cylinder than to try to add sufficient reinforcement to the flat sides of a square or rectangular housing. For sanitary requirements, it is much easier to fabricate smooth interiors if the vessel is cylindrical. Another consideration which often dictates use of a cylindrical shape is compliance to National Fire Protection Association Manuals 68 and 69 codes.

    Beckert & Hiester Cylindrical Pulse Jet Dust Collectors have been used extensively in the above

applications. Our engineers are easily accessible for consultation to determine the best approach. We design to any pressure or vacuum required, including ASME section VIII, coded and stamped.

Collectors are available in the traditional bottom bag access, or top clean air plenum access in both removable head and walk-in plenum styles. 

As with all pulse jet dust collectors, there are no internal moving parts and maintenance is accomplished with a minimum of tools or equipment. The pulse timer is completely field adjustable for both pulse duration and interval, and can be equipped with a Photohelic switch/gauge to pulse only when needed.


This dust collector features a variety of options:

Bags of various materials and designs, selected for the application, gas and dust characteristics and temperature. Bag pattern variations to accommodate nozzle penetrations and bag-free area requirements. Special paints and coatings applied after sand blasting if required, including coating of various internals such as cages, venturis and tube collars. Abrasion-resistant steel shell or liners, stainless steel, Hasteloy, Inconel, aluminum or FRP construction, insulation rings and provisions for heat tracing if required. Various inlet configurations with diffusers. Dust discharge devices such as slide gates, drum connections, airlocks, two-door discharges, and live bin bottoms with pulsing or vibration-and hopper slopes at any angle required. Complete factory assembly including bags, cages, gauges, tubing, electrical inter-wiring, mounting of fan equipment. Fail-safe final filters, sound attenuators, vibration isolation, automatically actuated damper control for constant air volume. Explosion-proof electricals, static grounding, fire and explosion protection, with calculations per NFPA 68 and 69 based on required Kist, Pred and Pstat. Computer-based instrumentation for high and low bag differentials, high and low temperatures, excessive vibration or current draw, high and low hopper dust levels. Platforms, ladders, roof rails, davit arms, special internal grids or access features.


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