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Sawdust Collectors

This sawdust collector design is popular with school woodworking shops, millworks and furniture builders. Large diameter bags are cleaned by reversing the cloth on shutdown. Our design has a counterweight system that makes this sawdust collectors cleaning cycle automatic without the use of a motorized shaker or pulse jets.
SD Collector for Saw Dust and Other Fibrous Materials

SD Collectors have 3'0" diameter by 5'0" high bags made of various woven fabrics. Cotton sateen is the usual selection. The bag is cylindrical with an open bottom and closed top. A 12" diameter 30 ounce weight is located in the closed top with an eye bolt connected to pulley blocks by weather resistant polyethylene line or stainless cable. Bags clean automatically on each fan shut-down and start-up. Counterweight system assures pulley tracking. No shaker motor or other electrical connections are required.

Usual ratings for SD collectors are 500 to 1500 CFM per bag.

Typical SD collector uses fan and sound attenuator on clean air side.

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