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Biffy Fans

You may recognize this fan under another name, but we call it the Biffy Fan. Ask any auto plant ventilation engineer and he will tell you that a favorite application is exhausting the Biffy (slang for toilet). Of course, getting rid of bad odors is only the start of applications for this reliable, rugged fan known best for its longevity. We have sold this style of fan since it was invented by Dr. Debothezat in 1926. We have seen it made by ten different manufacturers in eight locations across the United States. When you buy one from Beckert & Hiester, it comes with seventy-seven years of application experience. No other firm can make that statement. We have them not only of carbon steel construction, but also of aluminum, stainless, inconel, hastelloy, and titanium. They can be coated with epoxy, phenolic or the paint of your choice. We can furnish it made of perforated metal, then wrapped in insulation and covered with aluminum lagging, so that the complete fan becomes a sound attenuator. A super Biffy Fan for a quiet and tranquil biffy.

biffy fan dust collector collectors

They can be fitted for temperatures to 1000 degrees F. The motors are usually totally enclosed fan cooled 230/460-3-60, but can be pneumatic or hydraulic when used on mobile equipment or for hazardous locations. One of the best propeller fan designs ever made, and now at a good price from Beckert & Hiester.

Typical pricing is $1,000 and up.
Contact Beckert & Hiester for a custom price quote on your project.

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