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Oil Mist & Smoke Collectors

Oil Mist and Smoke Collector

This unit comes with a variety of filters, all the way from simple baffles (to foil a duct fire) to HEPA (99.97% DOP efficiency) and activated charcoal odor control. Typical applications are for oil mist and smoke generated by high speed tooling, welding smoke, solder fumes and abrasive cutoff saws.

Oil Mist, Smoke and Odor 
Collectors (dust collector after filter)

Four steps in filtration

  1. Prefilters (pleats or metal mesh)
  2. Bag filters
  3. HEPA filters
  4. Absorbers (activated carbon, potassium permanganate, activated alumina)


  1. Ease of maintenance
  2. Low first cost and low maintenance cost
  3. Available in many materials of construction
16 gauge galvanized steel construction
Access doors with oil-resistant gaskets
Metal-to-metal components sealed with silicone compound
Doors fitted with bolt-down knurl knob latches
Epoxy-coated exterior and interior (optional)

Fan selections may be paddle wheel or backwardly inclined. Motors, drives, starters furnished to meet customer requirements. See fan data submitted with quotation. Activated carbon or other absorber trays may also be added. Add 30" to length.

Polypropylene Agglomerator 
for reducing mist load to final filter

Electrostatus Collector
  1. Prefilter
  2. Ionizer
  3. Collecting Cell
  4. Afterfilter
  5. Power Pack

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