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Rectangular Cartridge Type Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

These dust collectors should be selected with diligent attention to the application. Unlike their big brother bag collectors, they are subject to punishing high replacement cartridge costs if misapplied on difficult dusts.

Like their big brothers, the square series bag collectors, the housings are usually of 10 gauge carbon steel and rated for plus or minus 17" water gauge (0.6 psig). Reinforcing is available to 28" water gauge (1.0 psig). Over this amount, a cylindrical housing should be considered.

The collector shown uses vertically hung cartridges, although horizontal cartridge configurations are available as well. For the vertical type, the cartridges are most often hung from a rectangular top plate with a soft rubber gasket which is sealed to the tube sheet by an over-center compression eccentric actuated by a handle. Upon release of the handle, the cartridges slide out on rails without the use of special tools.

Cartridges may also be serviced from above using a top plate larger than the tube sheet hole. In this configuration the cartridges are sealed from above with hold- down clamps.

The horizontal cartridge configuration is more likely to be used only for extreme headroom restrictions, as more than one row forces the dust to recycle if it has to move down onto another row.

Traditional cartridges are 12-3/4" diameter and 26" long, with 226 square feet of a specially treated paper media. They are frequently double long (52") and sometimes longer if the velocity restrictions in the dirty chamber will permit.

Sometimes pleated bags, usually 6" diameter with lengths to 84" are referred to as cartridges, especially when retro-fitted into an existing bag type pulse jet collector. With eight times the cloth area per unit of length, they are furnished for increased the air volume capacity in a given housing. The allowable air velocity within the dust collector's dirty air chamber will determine the length and type of pleated bag.

Large access doors are a must, and we furnish them with 6" ball handles for easy removal of the cartridges without the use of tools. The clean air plenum has a large access plate with two view ports that open for quick inspection.

An exhaust fan (shown mounted on top in the picture) with motor, drive and guards may be mounted on the top or any side. If the fan is not mounted on the dust collector, interconnecting duct work may be provided to floor or platform level. Sound attenuation, vibration isolation, control dampers and starters are available.

The dirty air inlet may be in the hopper as shown or introduced at a higher level into a decantation chamber. Clean air may exit from the top or side.

Collected dust is deposited in the pyramidal hopper with a normal side slope of 60  degrees to the horizontal. More or less slope is provided as required.

The pulse timer with solenoids is mounted on any side, complete with a differential pressure gauge that may control the timing cycles if desired. These items may also be incorporated into the fan starter enclosure, either of which may be remote from the dust collector if desired.

The compressed air header is complete with diaphragm pulse valves, a liquid filled pressure gauge and a petcock drain. The pulse system is piped, wired and tested at the factory.

The assembly is shipped ready to run when the size permits. Explosion ports may be fitted to the body of the collector. Hoppers, rotary air-locks, drum connections, legs, ladders, and platform structures are all available. Stainless steel construction or special coatings are other options.

These package units are available from one traditional 26" long cartridge with 226 square feet of media (552 CFM at 2:1 air to cloth ratio) to 64 double long cartridges with 28,928 square feet total (57,856 CFM at 2:1 air to media ratio). Special media, such as spun bond hydro and oleophobic polyester, will have less surface area per cartridge.

Smaller units can be shipped within three weeks, larger units in six weeks. Any of them may be shipped on our shop flat bed trucks for fast, damage free delivery anywhere in North America.

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