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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 1, No. 1

If you're acquainted with dust collectors, maybe you're familiar with poke holes?

These popular optional features are usually 2" or 3" diameter with a blind flange or pipe cap cover. The idea is, when dust won't flow out of the  hopper, you take the cap off, shine your flashlight in, take a peek down there and poke around with a stickright? Wrong! How can you shine, look and poke all into one hole? So we invented the triple barrel pike hole.

We can also avoid the whole problem with our 23" diameter inflatable seal and 55 gallon drum on a drum dolly. This precludes hang-ups in the hopper and gives complete access. You can roll the drum out after deflating the seal and put your head and shoulders right up into the hopper. Seeing as most bag failures occur at the bottom, this is a good place to look.

Another thing we notice is that for one reason or another, people want 115 volt power and compressed air while changing bags (and other service). All pulse jets have 115 volts at the timer and compressed air at the header. But we are one of the few who make it easy to get at. Just ask and we include a 115 V service outlet in the timer box and a quick disconnect compressed air coupling on the air header. Incidentally, it's a special coupling that fits several of the popular mating types. While we're at it we put six tappings on the air header. We mount the air header on the dust collector, install all the bags and cages, and mount all the guages unless otherwise instructed. Notice that we put the timer on the header in the same box with the solenoids. Remote mounting is available at no extra charge. After 20 years up and down ladders, we like the timer right there with all the valves, guages and access doors. Then you are able to trouble-shoot with the least amount of effort.

There are many optional features. A quick review.
  1. Poke holes
  2. Inflatable seal with drum & dolly
  3. 115 volt power receptacle
  4. Compressed air quick connect coupling
  5. Auto drain trap'
  6. Petcock


  1. Extra access doors
  2. Special coatings (epoxy, zinc-rich, phenolic, etc.
  3. Stainless steel or other corrosion resistant materials of construction
  4. Explosion doors or discs
  1. Explosion proof electricals
  2. Grounded and/or flame proof bags
  3. Special bags (Gore Tex, Huyck Felt, Summit 720 double, glazed, singed, silicone treated, etc.)
  4. Precleaner sections, tangential inlets with or without skirts.
  5. Blow pipes extended through housing and capped
  6. Vibrators or bin activators
  7. Special flanges (ASA 150 lbs., threaded fittings, "VanStone" type flanges).
  8. Sprinkler nozzles with piping.

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