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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 1, No. 4

Some thoughts about this business of dust control and air filtration ...
If I were to start all over again, I would still want to be a dust collector salesman. Even if I knew in advance that I could make more money or have a fancier lifestyle doing something else. Do you wonder why? Well, tell me — what would the environment be like in Michigan today if I hadn't been around to encourage the installation of a few million CFM of air cleaning equipment. Remember the 1946 Jimmy Stewart movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"? He got the chance to see what his town would have been like without him. He decided to stick around after all!

There are few rewards in this life that can compare with helping your fellow man. Cleaning the air we breathe is so basic that it amazes me how little attention it gets. Man can live five weeks without food, five days without water — but only five minutes without air

Every day I see life threatening situations being generated by shear lack of knowledge and understanding of that invisible medium that surrounds us. Even with the great emphasis on environmental factors — the TV, radio and newspaper coverage — still, I see Joe Doaks in his machine shop, killing himself and his faithful employees.

You, the dust control engineer, can have a greater effect than anyone else alive. No politician, no air pollution inspector,—no one can do what you can do! You can use the gentle art of informative persuasion with more positive results than any other person.

Photo on left: Pulsejet bag collectors on the way to Russia's largest foundry.   Photo on right: Fan wheels waiting to be lifted by helicopter into a Saginaw, Michigan foundry.

Even if all you do is sell the boss on a fan that blows the stuff out into the parking lot! Better to ruin the finish on his car than the inside of his lungs. It's fun to study the acid rain, radiation hazards, ozone layer destruction and the like. Sure, we do have some big, basic atmospheric problems. But, unfortunately, they are not "where it's at" for the ventilation engineer. He has plenty of places to go where the problems are more immediately deadly. Here are a few —
  • A wood shop choked with explosive sanding dust.
  • A welding shop full of acrid poisonous fumes.
  • Cement, aggregate, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food plants: where dust escapes from screw conveyors, bucket elevators, belt transfer points, pneumatically filled bins, pulverizers and screening machines.

And, don't think that someone else will do it if you should fail. My lifelong experience is that if you don't — nobody will. That nasty little air pollution problem will go on and on. So all I ask is that you give it a try.

Best Regards,

Bruce Beckert

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