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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 1, No. 5

What to do when you thought you had a
quiet weekend coming

and then the dust collector broke down...

Many of our customers know that we have parts for our own dust collectors right on the shelf. They know we ship the same day. They know we ship motor freight, UPS, air freight, express mail, even in our own cars and trucks. What some customers forget is that we have parts for many makes of dust collectors besides our own! We REACT fast to emergencies in fact, we usually react fast even when it's not an emergency. Another interesting thing about our parts are the prices. We charge 10% to 50% less than most other manufacturers. Every day, year in and year out, not just as an "introductory offer." Our quality takes a back seat to no one. We use leading manufacturers and every part is the most rugged construction available. We can analyze your existing wear and recommend how to overcome it. Our maintenance instruction book* is easy to understand, and we have field service people at reasonable rates who will consult, supervise, or do all the work themselves. A yearly inspection with written recommendations is free, if you request it and provide the assistance we need to do a good job.

*free for the asking

A sampling of parts available for immediate shipment.


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