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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 2, No. 1

Featuring Air Filters

In the early 1920's our founder started representing the Midwest Air Filter Company located in Pennsylvania. They had a copper mesh two inch thick washable filter, the insides of which looked similar to a "chore-boy" scouring pad. How times have changed! Now only a few applications like restaurant range hoods use permanent metal filters.

We now have:
1) Fiberglas "furnace filters"
2) Polyester panels
3) Pleated & pocket Fiberglas
4) "HEPA" (absolute) filters
5) Roll filters
6) Electronic filters

By definition, an air filter is meant to collect dust in general ventilation. If the dust can be captured at its source, the cleaning device is called a dust collector. The air filter usually has a very limited dust holding capacity and even a very good one is hard put to hold its own weight in dust. Therefore, it is imperative to indeed capture any dust at the source that can possibly be captured.

Dust collectors, such as the Pulse-Jets that we manufacture, make very expensive air filters. Conversely, air filters forced into a dust collecting role, make even more expensive dust collectors.

If a household air filter (furnace or air conditioner) collects a pound of dust in a month, and if it is handling 1000 cubic feet of air per minute, and if the device (furnace fan) is running 50% of the time, the grain load is .324 grains per 1000 cubic feet. (If you want to check our arithmetic, there are 7000 grains in a pound and 21,600,000 minutes in 50% of a month.) One grain per 1000 cubic feet of air is considered to be a fairly heavy air filter load.

Want to talk metric like the EPA? One grain/cu. ft. = 2288.1 milligrams per cubic meter, or one grain/1000 cu. ft. = 2288.1 micro-grams per cubic meter.

Air Filters are tested as follows:
1) Ashrae #52-76 Arrestance (a weight test)
2) Ashrae #52-76 Efficiency (a combined weight and dust spot test)
3) D.O.P. (a .3 micron particulate test)


The Solution

Even an experienced buyer of air filters has a difficult time sorting out the factors and weighing performance against cost. That's where we come in! Our company has engineered and applied air filter systems for sixty-three years. We represent several sources and have the most complete line of replacement filters in the country.



To obtain an Industrial Ventilation Manual (this manual is the "Bible" of our business):

You can send us an order for anything we sell and specify that you would like this manual from us at no charge. If you have dust control or ventilation applications, it is a must!


Changing bags can be a dusty job and we recommend a respirator mask, or even an air fed respirator for toxic dusts. We usually have two access doors on our collectors, and by opening both it is possible to work inside the dirty air chamber with cross ventilation. Further ventilation can be obtained by removing the cover from the upper plenum access port. If the dust generated during the bag and cage removal process is still a problem, we offer a fan and filter that fit on the upper plenum access port. After the cover has been removed our package simply bolts to the same flange and the fan motor leads can be temporarily attached at the single phase pulse timer power supply. Prices vary with dust collector size, but none are prohibitive, especially when the health and comfort of employees is considered. Of course, we also offer top bag removal designs on original equipment.

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