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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 2, No. 2

Filter Medias

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we again would like to offer free analysis and filter media recommendations. You may send a small (1 oz. is plenty) sample along with operating conditions —temperature and moisture — and we will be happy to suggest the best "media fit" for your dust.

If proprietary restrictions preclude releasing a sample, we would be willing to work from the parameters:

  1. Particle size and shape range
  2. Specific gravity
  3. Bulk density
  4. pH factor
  5. Temperature
  6. Moisture content
  7. Adhesive qualities
  8. Static charge

A better selection can be made if we know how long previous bags lasted and how they failed. If a sample is sent, advise if it is OK to handle. We are often asked to quote on a set of bags for a dust collector with no basis for media selection other than "the same as last time." Sometimes the individual phoning or mailing the inquiry is far removed from the application. If you want the best buy and longest bag life, be sure any data you have is passed along.

Little Dust Problems

A small dust generation point located far from existing central systems, or of an incompatible nature, can indeed be vexing. We have a "double barreled" solution to your problem, with a capacity of up to 600 CFM. The first barrel has a cyclone skirted interior and holds the fan. The second contains a cartridge with 200 or 300 sq. ft. of filter media. Both barrels are held on a mobile frame. Maintenance is quick and easy. Poly liners may be used inside the barrels for contamination free disposal. The cartridge may be manually pulse cleaned by connecting an air hose and pushing a button on the cover. The price depends on motor electricals required, CFM and external static pressure. The unit is normally carbon steel, but stainless, aluminum, and coated construction are available. Flexible or rigid external piping can be furnished. Shipment in two weeks!

A Riddle
We've counted the cats in Kildare.
They number the third of a square.
If a quarter were slain
Just a cube would remain.
How many, at least, must be there?

Click here for the Solution


In really hot weather, everyone seems to want a fan. We represent five fan companies and act as distributor for twelve more. Still it is difficult to have the fan you want, when you want it. But we do try — and we try harder than anybody. Let us hear from you as early as possible, so we don't have to do the impossible!


Industrial Ventilation Manual
We can send you an industrial ventilation manual, at no charge, if you place an order with us (just add a line, "Ind. Vent.
Manual N/C and we will send it.

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