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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 2, No. 3

Out in the Cold?

If you have a heating system failure, there is a slight chance we are the wrong people to call, but only a slight chance. If the problem is in the heat exchanger, heating coil, or the fan unit, we can help. If the filters are plugged, we have replacements. We also have energy-saving ceiling fans.


New High-Ratio Elements Replace Cartridges

Two of our suppliers have recently introduced polyester felt media elements to replace the old paper cartridges in pulse jet collectors. A 37 sq. ft. element by Industrial Filter Industries uses 20-ounce singed polyester felt with reported efficiencies of 99.9% on 1.0 micron particles and above. A 28-sq. ft. element by Gore-Tex uses teflon membrane on 12-oz. felt with reported efficiencies of 99.99% on .33 micron particles. 

New high-ratio elements compared
after test run in cement plant.

Benefits of High-Ratio Elements:
  1. Directly Interchangeable
    New elements are built to the same dimensions as existing paper cartridges (12-3/4" O.D. x 26" long).
  2. Wide Pleat Construction
    Pleats are nearly 1" apart. This, in addition to excellent release capability, gives good product release even in high grain loading applications.
  3. Lower Pressure Drops
    Ready release of particles collected on the smooth non-stick PTFE membrane surface (Gore-Tex), or singed polyester (Industrial Filter), rather than in-depth cake filtration on or in the media, allows low pressure drop operation with the possibilities of reduced fan energy and compressed air costs.
  4. Increased Life
    Continuous lower pressure drop operation, restriction of the particles from penetration into the felt, and less frequent cleaning reduce wear, significantly extend life, and cut maintenance cost.
  5. Increased Product Throughput
    LBS/HR Excellent release from the surface of moist, sticky or fine particles results in higher air flow and product throughput.
  6. Less Downtime
    Continuous maximum air flow, lower pressure drop, and increased ability to survive process upsets and moisture result in less downtime and increased production.

The Un-Calculated Risk

We still see many customers "booting up" new operations without considering atmospheric contamination. Call us during the planning stages. We can make valuable suggestions that will keep your project free of dust and fumes probably at less cost than a "retrofit" later. You can be sure your future plans and developments be they successes or failures will be held in confidence.


  Solution to Riddle in Vol.2, No2. Pulse Jet Pointers.

The riddle posed in the last issue was:

We've counted the cats in Kildare.
They number the third of a square.
If a quarter were slain
Just a cube would remain
How many, at least, must be there?

Let n be the number of cats, which must be an integer. Let s2 be the square, hence n = 1/3s2 Let c3 be the cube, and we have 3/4n = c3 or n = 4/3c3: hence c3 must be an integer divisible by 3. By equation 1/3s2 =4/3c3 or s = 2c3/2 Now for what least c, an integer, is c3/2 an integer, and c3 divisible by 3? Trying c = 9, we have s = 54 and n = 972; and 3/4 x 972 = 729 = 93.

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