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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 2, No. 4

Fan Frustrations

Have you ever had a fan break down and not been able to find a name plate or other data so that parts could be ordered? This is a common occurrence in industry today. Even when there is proper identification, the company may be out of business or has changed names and locations. Many major fan companies have "bellied up" in the last few years. But fear not! Beckert & Hiester can furnish wheels for any fan. We can rebuild your old wheel. We can also provide other parts such as shafts, bearings, inlet funnels, housings, v-belt drives, couplings, and motors. We do balancing in the field. After all these years, our resources are vast. If we can't fix your fan, nobody can. Our prices are reasonable, usually much less than prices charged by the original manufacturer.

Coil Calamities

Everything we said about fans also goes for coils. Whether they are steam, hot water, chilled water, direct expansion we can duplicate.

Dust Dilemmas

For years we have been trying to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

You want:

  • The lowest price
  • The highest quality
  • The smallest size
  • The least energy consumption
  • Application to any job with the same equipment
  • Complete portability
  • Easy cleaning
The new double drum collector is now available. We offer it with plastic or steel drums, with cast aluminum or plastic fans, and filter mediums of gore-tex, polyester, or resin coated paper. The 1 HP, 3450 RPM motor can be any voltage, have any enclosure and specification desired. A HEPA final filter can be mounted on the discharge if required. It has more dust holding capacity than collectors ten times its size, and cleans the filter element with the push of a button when connected to any plant air hose. It rolls anywhere on big rugged casters. It will exhaust oil mist, dry grinding, welding fumes or almost anything else, one after the other. The capacity is 600 CFM through a 5" diameter inlet with 2.0" of external static pressure (water gauge).

Dampering A Centrifugal Fan

The quickest way to save heat and energy in a fan system is to make sure the exhaust is not greater than necessary. The installation of a damper often pays for itself in a matter of hours.


Dampering a centrifugal fan reduces horsepower consumption in addition to the heat savings. We have many types of dampers.

Refurbishing the Wrecked Dust Collector

If you have a dust collector that is in poor condition, don't scrap it out, and buy a new one let us rebuild it. We will pick it up on our flatbed truck, disassemble in our shop, sand blast and repaint, install new valves, controls, gauges, bags, and other worn parts, then reassemble and deliver back to your plant. We can modify the collector to suit new job conditions, adding a new fan, airlock, service platform, and other structural components. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by  "refurbishing the wreck."

This Pulse Jet dust collector is enjoying its third career.

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