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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 3, No. 1

Do cyclones operate upside down?

Yes, they will. A cyclone dust collector is operated on centrifugal force first and gravity a distant second. If a suitable pneumatic conveying device is applied to the dust outlet, the cyclone can function well in any position. However, it is usually more convenient to set it with the dust discharging by gravity into a container of some sort, either through a trickle valve, rotary airlock, two door discharge, or into a sealed hopper. Cyclone efficiency has been a mystery and many manufacturers seem to enjoy keeping it that way! There is a set of rather difficult formulas which will plot the efficiency against particle size, determine pressure drop, and check design for any cyclone. The required information is:

  • Cylinder (barrel) diameter and length
  • Cone length and angle
  • Dust outlet diameter
  • Inlet and outlet sizes
  • CFM
  • Specific gravity of dust (not bulk density)
  • Gas viscosity
    (standard air = .000012096 lb - mass/ft/sec)
  • Gas density (standard air = .075 Ibs/cu ft)

How do you keep a dust collector company going?

Well, it's not easy. We have nearly 400 suppliers. Most of them back our stock with stocks of their own. Air quality related breakdowns are serious matters. That's why you will usually find the parts you need right on our shelves . . . not only for our own equipment, but for many other types of dust collectors, too.

Filters and more

Our prime filter supplier continues to expand their line. We can now replace almost any filter ever made, and at very good prices! Give us a chance to quote on your air filter requirements.


Broken coils and broken promises

When the cold weather sets in, many of our customers with steam or hot water heating systems discover leaking coils. To be sure we'll have what you need. Our suppliers all have programs for expedited delivery. When you need a coil, email or call us toll free! We will give you the kind of service that will warm your heart . . . and your plant.

Flex duct fuel free air replacer

We have recently introduced a flexible duct air replacement  unit. It features fire retardant poly fabric and a well designed proportioning box with automatic damper motor controls to maintain air discharge temperatures. Unlike the so-called "production line" models, we build our units with the motors, starters, and controls that you specify. The unit will bring in sub-zero air, mix it as necessary with plant air, and discharge it just under and along the roof line of your plant where stagnant over heated air now gathers. Call us for a specification sheet and quotation to fit your application. Click here or on either unit image for a larger view. Larger Air Replacer Image

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