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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 2, No. 3

How to Get from Dust Problem to CFM

One of the hardest tasks for plant engineers and maintenance people is to buy equipment intelligently. Dust collection equipment is no exception. One short-cut is to ask an experienced manufacturer of the equipment (or his agent) for assistance. The two common pitfalls to this procedure are, (1) he will try to "change the problem" to fit his equipment, and (2) he cannot afford to bid competitively if he does your engineering. So you knew it here comes the commercial: there is no magic. It takes engineering skills and just plain work to get from "dust problem" to "CFM."


For this reason, we will tell you up front if you require engineering help to identify your needs and we will tell you how to get it! Our own engineering capabilities are limited, but we are able to calculate air volumes, figure the resistance of piping systems, show our equipment in the building steel and lay out hoods and duct work. Our fees for this work are reasonable and you are free to use the drawings to seek competitive bids from others as well as ourselves. Typical system drawings are available for your inspection. Just email or call (toll free, of course!)

New Styles of Cartridge Collectors

Compactness is a feature of cartridge collectors. For a typical application, the dirty air media chamber requires only 21 cubic inches per CFM, compared to pulse jet bag/cage systems requiring 89 cubic inches per CFM (the old shaker collectors required approximately 250 cubic inches per CFM). We have two styles of pulse jet cartridge dust collectors:

(1 ) A top removal cartridge collector with marine-type hatch for heavy duty applications such as power plants. These are usually for bin mount applications, either with a housing or with the cartridge inserted right into the silo. Either style saves headroom using only 10-20% of the headroom required by conventional bag/cage-type units.

(2) An industrial "chemical plant quality" Double Drum Vacuum Cleaner on wheels with a new "direct blast" cleaning pulse, regenerative-type vacuum producer, and options of timed pulsing, all stainless steel construction and plugged cartridge shutdown. The unit shown here "dead ends" at 6" Hg (81.6" water gauge) and delivers 85 CFM (1-1/2" hose) at 4-1/2" Hg or 150 CFM (2" hose) at 2-1/4" Hg. These are better performances than most industrial vacuum cleaners.

The big empty 55 gallon pre-cleaner drum allows major spill pick ups without stopping to empty, and the pulse-cleaned cartridge in the secondary collection drum (also 55 gallon) assures continuous operation. The one pictured has all the options listed above.

Coil and Convector Freeze-Ups

We can ship convector elements within 48 hours, and steam or hot water heating coil replacements within five days. We also have Unit Heaters and Heat Exchangers available from factory stock.


In winter, freeze-ups become quite common, and replacement elements are in great demand. Our sources are ready to come to your aid with the fastest replacements in the industry!

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