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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 6, No. 1

Innovations at Beckert & Hiester, Dust Collectors

We have been innovating, with the gracious help of our suppliers:

1. Slide out cartridge collectors with an over-center cam device which holds the cartridge in tighter than anyone else's. - The result is higher efficiency due to less leakage.

2. Euro-tech cartridges that run well on oily fumes and other "bad dust" such as welding fumes, laser beam generated smoke, and other sub-micron applications. Not only does it clean well in the collector, but it can also be removed, washed, and re-installed. This is a cartridge that is head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

3. A new idea for our time honored SD collector (The one featured in bulletin SD-8-91 that uses five foot high by three foot diameter cotton sateen bags) - we counterweight the rope so all mechanism stays inside the clean air plenum. When the collector shuts down, the bag sinks inside out down into the hopper, automatically shedding its dust. When the fan comes back on the counterweight keeps the line tight, guiding the bag back up straight. What was a manually cleaned collector (The operator had to untie the rope on the outside of the housing to let the bag fall - keeping the rope tight so as not to lose tracking on the pulley) is now an automatically cleaned collector!

4. We can make our cyclones with Royal Filtermist collectors (the oil mist unit goes right onto our outlet vortex tube). This serves two purposes - particulate matter is spun out along with heavier oil before it reaches the pads in the Royal Filtermist and hot sparks are short stopped in the cyclone as well. Royal offers a cyclone bottom of their own, but our helical roof, long tapered cone, and separate dust trap at the bottom all do a much better job - and at a comparable cost.

5. A new oil mist collector that regenerates itself with microwave technology - still under wraps - stay tuned.

Now for a few things that. make us a better company in today's market - things we always had, but I bet you have forgotten:

A. We do not balk at special designs and "mind-bending" customer requirements. We dive right in and swim to the finish while others thrash about and quickly sink in over their heads.

B. We make job drawings faster than anybody - four days from an order with orientation details is not unusual. Most competitors take two to four weeks. Our turn around time for changes is also startlingly fast.

C. Our deliveries are good - no, fantastic! While other dust collector companies are sitting on their orders for six months, we usually build within six weeks. Sure, six months backlog looks great to legions of stockholders, but we only have three - and all three of us know better.

D. Our technical abilities are based on a grey headed company that can still think young. We've been in business since 1921. Who else in this business has been around that long?

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