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Pulse Jet Pointers
Vol. 7, No. 3

If It is Clean Air - The Best Way is NOT Sharing!

A lot of dust collectors do a fine job of cleaning the air, even to the point that the air coming out is better than the quality of the environment inside or outside the plant. The owner is often so proud of his discharge air that he wants to share it with all the folks in the neighborhood. That can be a big mistake, because even if properly maintained, a stack to the outside is going to require permits, tests and inspections. There may be some fan noise too. Furthermore, if the dust collector itself is located outdoors, it is going to be an eyesore - even if painted to blend into the building.

Owners of dust control equipment soon learn that the best method is to keep everything indoors and recycle the air back to the process if at all possible. Usually this means putting a "fail safe" bank of filtration on the dust collector discharge.

Even if. the bags in the dust collector are doing a good job, sooner or later there will be an unexpected release. A filter bank is required to meet that emergency.

We at Beckert & Hiester have recognized the need, for this after-filter equipment with our OM&S series of filter housings. They also are used as the primary collection device on oil mist and smoke problems too sticky - literally - for a bag collector.

A new and much improved bulletin on this old and reliable product is available. Just phone or drop us a note. Our email address and phone are at the bottom of the page.

Bruce Beckert

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