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High School Woodshop Installation for Sawdust Collection

High School wood shop installation with fully enclosed dust discharge compartment. This specialized saw dust type collector uses 36" diameter x 72" long fire retardant 9.7 oz. cotton sateen bags. The bags are cleaned by counter-weighted bag reversal that requires no pulse or shaker system.

Fan discharge is equipped with a sound attenuator that will be mated to a return air duct to save heat in the winter. In many cases the air is not recirculated back into the shop.

A weather hood with bird screen is installed on the silencer. The air is exhausted to the outside, which puts the shop under a slight negative pressure.

Students at this school, now working in a dust free environment, making award winning furniture year after year.

Typical pricing is $ 9,000 to $ 12,000.
Contact Beckert & Hiester for a custom price quote on your project.

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